Crypto-assets investment advisor

You aim to invest in crypto market,

In order to do that, a crypto-assets and finance expertise
with full commitment and unquestionable probity
is unavoidable.

That’s what we do, with a success-fee only business model.

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Unique valuation models
DLT/Blockchain live monitoring
Dynamic refined rebalancing


Success fees only
No entry/exit Fees
No management fees


Only $10k minimum pledge
6 month retainer timeframe
Withdraw: no fees, 72h


PE Fund manager as administrator
Strict AML/KYC policy
Representatives in Paris & Switzerland


Proprietary trading platform
Storage on “cold” hardware wallets
Risk Reduction (minimum exposure)

Our statement

History is driven by disruption. It is a force that never sleeps. Steam, oil, electricity, transistors; disruptions which paved the way from industrial revolution to the internet age. We have created the engines of our own development which have, in turn, shaped us too.
Even the machines we’ve made have been disrupted by the ways we use them. PCs have morphed from desktops to smartphones with tablets, Twitter, UX and UI all branching off and back again. Even the media we have created has disrupted our way of being through video, photo, reality TV and Instagram accounts.
There are disruptions to the very fabric of our societies. Political disruption from East to West defines our current era with the rise of the right and the movement over borders across Europe, the Americas and through the Middle East; choice and voice at odds with consensus and Peer2Peer decentralization shaping the new world.
From the fake news phenomena to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, with governments bankrupting their countries into $63 trillion of global national debt, people are waking up to the idea that relinquishing power to an elite is not necessarily the wisest decision.
Music, hotels, movies and shopping have all gone through a bottleneck of digital disruption and emerged all the stronger. Now it is time for money to do the same. This disruption is called ‘cryptocurrency’ and its fearless early adopters stand to make profits in the billions.

But seize such opportunity requires building and maintaining a specific expertise for this new paradigm, and be fully commited to active portfolio management.

We’ve decided to launch Spincrypto Capital after developping and validating a specific valuation methodology for our own crypto-assets portfolio. It is based on quantive/qualitative relative and absolute models, mixed with unique network based ratios monitored live on each crypto-asset Blockchain/DLT. The fundamentals of our approach are covered in Frederic Bonelli’s book «The Crypto MBA».

As stated in the book: «[…] valuing a crypto-asset is everything but trivial: numerous methods, models, and associated fundamental knowledge have to be mastered and constantly updated. Except if you base your success on luck and random, it is important to note that managing a crypto portfolio is a full time job. That’s the reason why if you do not plan to 100% commit yourself my advice is to turn toward a crypto fund or a crypto investment advisor. And even then, in order to select the good one, fix your goals and understand where you put your money, acquiring and maintaining a good level of knowledge about crypto is mandatory, as you’ve understood by reading this book. »

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Sharing my time between Moscow, Paris, Marseille, and Valencia, I’m current­ly crypto-assets investment advisor for a panel of HWNI clients, mana­ger of Spincrypto Capital, forbes contributor and author of “The Crypto MBA”.

Recent experience (2013-2018)

Head of Research for a PE Luxury Fund (OPEF targets investment opportunities in European small and medium size businesses in the experiential luxury and premium markets)

CEO of a Fundraising agency, crafting documents (ExecSum, InfoMemo, Business Plan, PitchDeck, etc) for more than 25 projects and companies generating $60M+ successful fundraising (Seeding, Series A, Series B)

Track record:

  • 7 entrepreneurial projects in press, digital, retail, and finance, including 3 resales
  • 8 years of experience in the magazine publishing, an OJD award (annual sales growth)
  • 9 years in the startup world (CEO, CTO, Business Angel, Fundraising agency)
  • 10 years in Finance (reports, studies, fundraising support and M & A deals)


Colored, Fully illustrated book
Size: 24cm (W) x 16.5cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Page: 304
Paper: 170gsm Exaprint Super White
Weight: 1kg
Cover: KeyColor 300gsm with 15cm flaps
Price: 58.90$

Nine out of 10 people I meet understand nothing of the true value of cryptocurrency.
Some see crypto as a quick buck, a super-lucrative but super-risky bet, and all they want to know is whether buying Bitcoin or an assortment of other tokens is the best way to get them rich. Others overreact. They spew unfounded, anti-crypto opinions through fear, cynicism or both.
Neither group is helping this revolutionary concept make progress on the road to mass adoption. Neither one has any chance to catch the full potential of this unprecedented investment opportunity.
Cryptocurrency — and its associated technical framework, Digital Ledger Technology, upon which blockchain is built — is here to stay. It will revolutionize money, banks, investments, finance and even society itself. Understand its true potential now and you seriously stand to profit.

The purpose of this book is:

  1. To give anybody interested the information they need to truly understand cryptocurrency, ignore the bias and be able to fully participate in the Bitcoin and blockchain conversation.
  2. To provide everything you need to enter the world of cryptocurrency as an investor in crypto-assets or as a blockchain entrepreneur.


  • 10 years of experience doing research and crafting keynotes documents for investors. – 2 years of work on the book
  • 4,000+ documents, white-papers, report, studies
  • 200+ uniques infographics & schemas
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